Spotlight on Aurelio García de Sola - The Nest by Webhelp Spain

Aurelio Gardcia de Sola The Nest by Webhelp

Aurelio joined The Nest team this year to support Spain fast-growing companies as our new Business Director!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, Aurelio?  Where have you been and what led you to The Nest?

I’ve been working on the outsourcing industry for more than 12 years and have been accumulating experience with some of our biggest competitors. I’ve always believed that partnering with successful start-ups was one of the key drivers for our industry to grow and to develop our talent pool. However, there are some key differences or gaps in the way a big outsourcer operates and how a start-up operates its business. Agility, speed of action, basic operational concepts, coupled with information security and process-led operations make partnerships difficult to scale when it comes to big BPOs and start-ups. It´s like when an athlete tries to build muscle without loosing speed and agility believing he or she will perform better. That´s not always the case, right? That’s why I joined The Nest.

With The Nest, a promising start-up can find the “muscle infrastructure” of Webhelp whilst benefiting from the speed and agility of a dedicated, world-class team that delivers operational excellence within a startup environment.

How would you describe The Nest to a startup? What makes it stand out to you?

The Nest is a dedicated team specialized in startup and scale-ups operations that brings the specific CX expertise of its international teams (in CS, sales, digital services) to help a startup grow and scale in a very special moment for their business. What is remarkable is that The Nest has managed to combine a very lean and agile worldwide outsourcing solution for startups, while leveraging every and each of the Webhelp´s value propositions as one of the global leaders in the BPO market.

How do you see the Spanish startup ecosystem evolving? What are the main challenges of Spanish startups today?

Spanish startup ecosystem is still young and needs a lot more maturity, specially in the scaleup phase. In fact, initiatives such as Wayra aim to support scaleups as they have detected a gap on that phase. They know how critical it is to gain volume or potential business to scale and lead other investors to jump into the project. This is exactly where we can support these initiatives from The Nest. We have the global footprint, the expertise and are making all the investments for them. Our goal here is to help startups and scaleups grow steadily and co-create a success story with them.

While it is true that Spain does not yet have the traction of some of its neighbours such as the UK or France, in recent years it has proven to be an invaluable source of talent with local startups such as Glovo or Wallapop whose growth has put the country in the spotlight, demonstrating its potential.

It has become clear now that the country is paving the way for the startup ecosystem to keep growing and for Spain to become a limitless breeding ground for entrepreneurs. Legislation targeting startups is just around the corner indicating that the call of founders and investors for investment incentives, immigration law reforms to attract international tech talents, among other things, has finally been heard. In fact, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez introduced the Startup Law, a strategy of legislation accompanied by a 10-year development plan focused on providing entrepreneurs with better tools to develop in the international scene.

What are some of the projects you’ve worked on at The Nest that you are most proud of?

During the first year at The Nest in Spain we have launched some really interesting projects related to Fintechs, Quick commerce or online travel. What was really important for us was to let the startup community in Spain know that they had a truly global outsourcing partner they could rely on in order to scale their business. We have done great progress in less than a year and that is thanks to a very talented global team. This is why I love working with the Nest team and what we have achieved so far during the year is remarkable, and is only the beginning!

From your point of view, could you name 3 startups that you find particularly interesting and promising in your country?

In Spain, some key verticals such as mobility, food delivery/quick commerce, fintech, proptech and insurtech as well as AI have big potential to grow for different reasons and are attracting international investors.
For example, Verse is an interesting company we are following closely as well as Imbric, which is having a big impact on domestic mobility. In proptech, Spotahome is also recovering well from the Covid crisis and is back on track again on its way to the top.