Episode 2:

Breaking Commission Barriers: Candis’s Bold Move

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In this episode of CX Coffee Chat, Tim Kirchner interviews Linnar Schwarz, the COO of Candis, a Berlin-based company specializing in financial process automation. Linnar shares his journey from being one of the initial employees to his current role as COO. The conversation delves into various aspects of Candis’s growth strategy and operational insights.

Linnar emphasizes the critical role of the COO in fostering revenue growth by providing essential context and support to the revenue teams. They discuss the establishment and impact of a customer advisory board at Candis, detailing how this board aids in product development tailored to the target customer segment.

One notable decision discussed is the removal of individual commissions, which significantly contributed to the company’s growth and enhanced customer experience. Linnar also candidly addresses the personal challenges he faces as a COO, navigating the pressures inherent in overseeing a rapidly expanding enterprise.

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  • Implementing a customer advisory board to gather targeted feedback and align product development with customer needs.

  • Removing individual sales commissions led to improved customer success, better quality leads, and enhanced team collaboration, resulting in accelerated growth and a superior customer experience.

  • Emphasizing core initiatives, limiting unnecessary change, and fostering a customer-centric approach to operations to drive growth and minimize disruption.

  • Embracing constant pressure and challenges in startup leadership, recognizing progress over time to stay motivated and drive continuous improvement.


Linnar Schwarz COO of Candis
  • 00:00 Introduction and Background
  • 03:41 Responsibilities as CEO of Candace
  • 06:03 Customer Advisory Board
  • 09:57 Change Management in a Fast-Growing Company
  • 13:09 Removing Individual Commissions
  • 25:43 Conclusion

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