Platform Management & Digital Content Services

Transform the digital experience of your customers, boosting their engagement and your sales with content management outsourcing, moderation & data annotation services and digital activation support.

Our Digital Content Services Outsourcing support and protect your most important online asset: content. We publish, check and optimize your content to maximize your reach, customer satisfaction and revenues

Content Moderation

Build trust and a safe user experience on your digital platforms thanks to our content moderation outsourcing and Trust & Safety solutions.

Accelerate your revenue growth and break into new markets thanks to our agile and scalable outsourced solutions:

  • User Generated Content checks, images, product pages, external sellers etc.
  • Three-in-one solution (automation, augmented content moderators, real-time monitoring)
  • Proprietary AI & Technological solutions
  • Robust quality & compliance processes – Facebook Marketing Partner certification
  • Tailored guidelines to reflect your brand’s unique values and culture
  • Reinforced protection of our content moderators’ mental health
content management outsourcing
content management outsourcing

Content Management

We edit, update and standardize the right digital content for your brand and business with tailored content management outsourcing solutions

  • Fully managed and scalable outsourced services:
    • Data-entry
    • Data-processing
    • Categorization & content curation
    • Data enrichment & normalization
    • Copywriting
  • Internal tailor-made AI and technological solutions
  • Expertise in leading CMS, PIM, DAM, collaborative and PM tools
  • Tailored marketplace & ecommerce content management solutions
  • Dedicated account management

Data Annotation

With our content labelling outsourcing services, we annotate, segment and enrich your data to build and train your artificial intelligence solutions

  • Annotation of all types of data including text, images, video, 3D & LiDAR, audio etc.
  • Data classification, Sentiment Analysis, Specialized Annotation
  • Trained data annotators powered by Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing
  • Robust processes and quality standards
content management outsourcing and data annotation
digital activation, platform management and data annotation outsourcing

Digital Activation

Leverage our digital campaigns management services for increased cost efficiency, flexibility and transparency

  • SEA, Social Ads, Affiliation, Content and SEO outsourcing services, Display & Programmatic etc.
  • Customer insights & advanced data analytics
  • Expertise by industries and practices
  • Live dashboards on campaign metrics
  • 30% average cost savings on agency fees


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