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In this episode of CX Coffee Chat, Tim Kirchner interviews Nouran Smogluk, Director of User and Partner Success at Komoot, a navigation and route planning app.

They discuss topics such as user retention, brand loyalty, innovation, and the future of customer support. Nouran shares insights on how Komoot focuses on creating an amazing product to keep users engaged and coming back. They also discuss the integration of AI in customer support and the importance of culture and vision in building a successful team.

Overall, the conversation highlights the challenges and strategies involved in managing customer support in a growing tech company.

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In this episode, we highlight Linnar Schwarz, COO of Candis, a Berlin-based company specializing in financial process automation.

Linnar discusses his evolution from early employee to COO and explores Candis’s growth strategy. He underscores the pivotal role of the COO in driving revenue growth and outlines how a customer advisory board shapes product development.

We also delve into Candis’s strategic decision to remove incentive schemes and Linnar’s personal challenges overseeing rapid expansion as COO.

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In this episode, we explore MAZA’s customer experience strategy, focusing on the importance of cultural relevance in conjunction with technological advancements and trust-building initiatives.

Laura Morales, MAZA’s Senior Member Experience Manager, shares insights into the company’s approach to CX, emphasizing the significance of understanding and meeting the unique needs of the Latino community in the United States. From leveraging AI tools to empowering customer support agents as brand advocates, MAZA prioritizes authenticity and simplicity in its interactions with customers.  Listen in to find out more!

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