HealthTech & Wellness

Treat your patients with care every step of the way

Bring a closer, deeper, smarter connection between patients, healthcare professionals, medtech, healthtech and wellness providers.

Treat patients, physicians, and pharmaceutical companies with medical grade care

We operate at every point of your journey, from appointment setting to remote monitoring.

Empower your team with the best techs

We foster better treatment adherence and patient engagement by leveraging innovative technologies for accurate reporting, patient insights and 5-star customer care.

Ensure flawless quality and perfect compliance with regulations

With acclaimed quality processes delivered by trained professionals working in accredited sites.

Flawless CX for all players

Outsourcing services for HealthTechs

Customer Support for Members & Patients

Outsourcing services for HealthTechs

Go-to-market & network management

Outsourcing services for HealthTechs

Care Management for Patients

Customer Support for Members & Patients

Ensure that patients, healthcare providers, field technicians and many more have access to a seamless digital experience combined with an empathetic and caring support.

Outsourcing for HealthTechs such as customer care for patients
Outsourcing for HealthTechs and wellness startups

Go-to-market & network management

Benefit from omni-channel promotion, lead generation and inside sales programs integrated seamlessly with your own inhouse sales team, and manage your network of health & wellness professionals.

Care Management for Patients

Onboard, monitor and support patients with multidisciplinary teams, linking to Healthcare systems. Reinforce patients’ trust and confidence and enable them to be in control of their health journey with the right infrastructure in place.

  • Prevention & coaching programs
  • Patient Monitoring Programs (post-visit, treatment adherence follow-up…)
  • Patient Training Programs
  • Patient journey mapping to enhance post-treatment follow-up
  • AI tools to support next-best-action for care
Outsourcing for HealthTechs such as care management and patient support

From ‘entry to healthy’ - Adding value to the Patient’s journey

Studies have proven many times the positive correlation between a better patient experience and positive clinical results. The latest developments in healthtech focus on putting the patient in control of its own health journey. To do so, the new CX needs to be as seamless as possible and match the expectations of users of all ages and profiles.

Client stories

Accelerating the growth and performance of a HealthTech platform

Our client is a health technology platform that allows clinicians to virtually penetrate into any operating room or cath lab from anywhere in the world.

After recently closing a very successful funding round and facing increasing demands, the company needed a 24/7 global helpdesk.

Our solution:

We combined our innovative outsourcing approach and the 20 years extensive experience of Concentrix in the Healthtech industry to improve their dedicated customer support team performance and ensure users have a seamless and positive experience.

We built a team of 10 industry outsourced experts and 1 team leader to support 1st level Technical Support 24/7 in English, the operations were set up in one of our certified HIPAA sites in Latin America.


  • Increment of c.100 % interactions month over month
  • Response time to customer requests solved under 4 minutes (vs. 10 min SLA)
  • 95% CSAT.
  • Extended the platform to other countries in 10 different languages under 4 months.

Delivering unmatched value to patients and healthcare professionals

Our client is a digital healthcare website and app that provides access (online reservations and teleconsultation services) to all healthcare professionals.

It was experiencing exponential growth and was looking for an outsourcing for HealthTech partner with industry expertise who could deliver a great customer experience for the market it was operating in, while still keeping costs under control. The company needed to meet the expectations of two categories of stakeholders: patients and healthcare professionals and the stakes around engagement were high.

Our Solution

We supported the company with Patient and Health Professional Assistance with the help of a team of c.100 outsourced agents located in our sites in France and Portugal.

We implemented a selective recruitment methodology guaranteeing the sourcing of consultants with qualities required by the company. We used a Central gamification tool to animate and create engagement on the platform and built up a team in two of its sites to meet all stakeholder’s expectations.


  • CSAT exceeding the objectives set
  • Stakeholder’s requests were answered within 1 hour
  • Satisfaction increased on all platform users
  • Team extended across other countries


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