High Tech

High-touch experiences for next-gen tech

From software to hardware, we build, design and deliver superior sales and CX journeys for leading tech companies. Exceed B2B & B2C customer expectations in a fast-changing high-tech environment.

Deliver a frictionless customer experience at lightning speed

From SaaS support, technical issues resolution to payment management, build agile and scalable empathetic support solutions for demanding B2B & B2C customers.

Build a luxury sales journey

Leverage our tech-savvy multilingual sales expert teams to offer a premium experience to your customers. From their first contact with your brand to the renewal of their equipment or subscription.

Power tech with tech

Boost your NPS and first contact resolution rate, offer ultra-custom customer journeys thanks to best-in class automation, AI and insights solutions.

Flawless CX for all players

SaaS support Outsourcing services for high tech

Software - SaaS and on-premise

SaaS support Outsourcing services for high tech

Consumer electronics and professional hardware

Software - SaaS and on-premise

As software becomes more and more sophisticated and specialized, exceptional customer management and SaaS support is required to stand out from the competition and effectively retain customers.

Maximize your customer CSAT to ensure your customers become active adopters of your software and stay productive and unbothered. On top of that, increase your revenue with our specialized multilingual outsourced sales teams.

SaaS support & outsourcing services for high tech such as software companies
SaaS support

Consumer electronics and professional hardware

Today's increasingly complex, high-end products require a seamless experience, both pre- and post-purchase.

Make your customers your brand’s best advocates with a premium and empathetic support as well as a personalized customer journey across all channels.


Provide a 5-star omnichannel tech & customer support
Accelerate your revenue growth and boost your customer LTV
Streamline your operations, from content management to back-office tasks
Provide a 5-star omnichannel tech & customer support

Provide a 5-star omnichannel tech & customer support

Assist your customers, merchants and partners 24/7, with flexibility and agility:

  • Multi-tier B2C, B2B & B2E technical support
  • Troubleshooting, warranty and repairs management
  • Onboarding and Account management
  • Billing and subscription support
  • Community and brand reputation management
  • Self-help services and automation via bots, IVRs, RPA, agent-assist tools
Accelerate your revenue growth and boost your customer LTV

Accelerate your revenue growth and boost your customer LTV

Increase market penetration, expand into new geographies, manage your software & hardware partners’ network efficiently and consistently:

  • Data & lead generation engine for B2B prospects
  • Inside sales teams, specialized in software & hardware products
  • Advanced pre-sales support & demos
  • Cross-selling & up-selling programs boosted by data analytics
  • Resellers / partners network management
  • Customer retention & loyalty services
Streamline your operations, from content management to back-office tasks

Ged rid of backlogs and ensure a perfect management of your operations in any languages, boosted by automation, best-in-class workflows & analytics

  • Transaction monitoring & Payment services
  • Compliance management & KYC/KYB/KYE programs
  • Content moderation (UGC, platform content)
  • Multi-platform customer review monitoring
  • Warranties management
  • Back-office management (invoices, stock management support etc.)

Client stories

90% CSAT in under 2 months for an enterprise resource planning software

With over millions of customers worldwide and offices in more than 20 countries, the company is one of the world’s largest suppliers of enterprise resource planning software, managing integrated accounting, payroll and payment systems.

The company was facing high seasonality which impacted its product range and marketing actions and it wanted to deliver a best-in-class and high-quality service to its clients. As such, to always deliver the best experience, the company had many prerequisites when it came to recruiting.


We set up an outsourced team of +200 SaaS experts in South Africa, Morroco and Germany to cover English, French and German for customer support, technical support, lead generation, IT helpdesk and back-office. Additionally, knowing that the company had existing prerequisites on hard skills, we made sure to continuously provide sales and specialist product training, as well as technical skills assessments to all team members.


  • Increased customer satisfaction to reach 90% in under 2 months
  • Attained a +50 Net Promoter Score
  • Saved costs of c. EUR 1m between UK and North American markets for peak management

Assist B2B and B2C clients of an electronics and IT company from pre-sales to technical support.

Our client is a multinational electronics and information technology company looking to ensure a premium customer experience on a multichannel basis and handle all customer requests (B2B & B2C).

It also required a dedicated, experienced and highly efficient B2B customer service team to provide support to all professional clients.


We set up an onshore and offshore outsourced team of more than 200 agents in France, Romania and Ivory coast to support the company’s clients throughout the entire customer journey. Amongst others, we were able to handle presales, aftersales and complaints, as well the onboarding of new businesses, fraud control, technical assistance (ticket processing, setting-up and monitoring interventions, spare parts recommendations, etc.) customer posts moderation, content management, customer support on a multichannel basis and so much more.


  • Increased answer rate up to 97%
  • Reached SLA of less than 20 seconds
  • Reached a chat customer satisfaction of 9.5 on 10
  • Answered customer emails within 24 hours in 11 different languages and chat requests in under 4 minutes

Turning up the volume of contacts for a premium audio equipment manufacturer

A US audio manufacturer was looking for an outsourcing partner to support the handling of inbound customer and dealer inquiries regarding technical support, pre-sales, sales and after-sales.


We built an outsourced EMEA customer support team covering all product inquiries regarding audio, video, home equipment, headsets, wireless sound products and loudspeakers covering multiple markets (Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Latino America and Canada).


  • Reached 60,000 contacts per month with support and audio specialists
  • Exceeded the Voice-Service Level target reaching 95% instead of 92%
  • Exceeded the Email-Service Level reaching 91% instead of 85%
  • Offered client service and technical support in 9 different languages


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