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Building brilliant CX for brilliant retail & ecommerce brands

Increase average order value, boost your brand image and customer loyalty with ROI-optimized ecommerce outsourcing services for all players, from D2C brands to marketplaces.

Create unforgettable experiences. All year long

Proactively engage with and support your customers 24/7, covering 95% of all languages, scaling your team up or down according to seasonal peaks.

Tailor all customer journeys according to their needs

Suggest the best content at the right time and to the right audience, to boost customer's average basket size and conversion rates.

Deliver smart, effortless CX

Leverage our expertise, predictive analytics and automation solutions to create a simple, high-quality experience and streamline your operations.

Flawless CX for all players

Outsourcing services for retail and e-commerce startups


Outsourcing services for retail and e-commerce startups


Outsourcing services for retail and e-commerce startups



Nail your customer support and content management processes to ease user navigation and discovery and make your products easy to buy.

Capitalize on our end-to-end seller and brand management service, from onboarding to credit management, to build the best offering for your B2C or B2B end customers.

Ecommerce outsourcing for retail and e-commerce startups
Ecommerce outsourcing for startups such as D2C


Streamline your operations to get to your customers faster and more cost effectively, while delivering a best-in-class experience.

We preserve your brand’s unique tone to engage with your community and help you turn a cost center into a profit center.


Provide a premium customer experience to match your exceptional product.

From VIP 24/7 customer support to payment services and delivery, we offer all the reassurance and efficiency your customers look for online, just as they would while shopping in your store.

Ecommerce outsourcing services for retail and e-commerce startups such as luxury company


Offer white-gloves support and engage 24/7 with your community
Create the best platform for a friction-less experience
Manage your (re)sellers network
Safeguard your clients’ and brand
Optimize your cost-to-serve & increase your customer LTV
Offer white-gloves support and engage 24/7 with your community

Offer white-gloves support and engage 24/7 with your community

  • Multilingual & consistent omnichannel customer support
  • Pre- and post-sales support
  • Order tracking & billing support
  • Return, refund & exchange management
  • Payment dispute concerns
  • Loyalty & win-back programs
  • Digital insights, e-reputation and community management
  • Sales & daily peak management
Create the best platform for a friction-less experience

Create the best platform for a friction-less experience

  • Content moderation on all channels
  • Content management & curation (Product pages, Copywriting …)
  • Data entry & tagging
  • Localization services
  • Customer-journey mapping & root-cause analysis
Manage your (re)sellers network

Manage your (re)sellers network

  • Merchant account management & onboarding
  • Payment & billing support
  • Order tracking, support and fulfilment
  • White-label collection services
  • Credit management
Safeguard your clients’ and brand

Safeguard your clients’ and brand

  • Transaction monitoring & payment services
  • KYC – KYB checks (verifying all involved in transactions…)
  • Marketplace integrity checks (scams and counterfeits, fake reviews…)
  • Ad & products review and classification
  • Fraud detection & AML
Optimize your cost-to-serve & increase your customer LTV

Optimize your cost-to-serve & increase your customer LTV

  • Automation of tasks via RPA
  • Conversational automation e.g. Chatbots & virtual assistants
  • Desktop automation and workflow management
  • Demand analytics, customer journey mapping
  • Business intelligence reporting to support upselling, cross-selling
  • Predictive analytics e.g. sales, retention, payment collections
  • Performance insight and analytics - Voice of the customer, Social Media listening, Speech and text analytics, Customer behaviour analytics (CRM)

Client stories

Enabling a D2C brand of women’s apparel to reach the 4 edges of the world in no time

The startup is a direct-to-consumer women’s apparel brand that offers two shopping options – a subscription VIP Membership and a Pay as You Go one-time purchase option.

The company was growing in popularity with its innovative approach to selling apparel and was thus in need of a reliable e-commerce outsourcing partner capable of high scalability with high-quality standards to service all its customers.


With our deep industry experience working with startups and large fashion retailers, we were able to respond quickly to the company’s challenges. In no time, we had a team of 30 highly skilled agents in Colombia supporting the company’s customer service in English 24/7.


  • Exceeded Phone SLA every month (80%+) and reached 93%
  • Increased Email CSAT to reach 89%

Building a multilingual team of experts to support sellers and clients of an Online B2B marketplace

The startup is an online B2B marketplace that connects c.15 000 brands and designers with 200 000 boutiques in 14 different markets. Having recently closed a significant funding round, and having reached the unicorn status, the company’s sails were set for growth and expansion. It required an outsourcing partner that could support them in operating in different countries with a multilingual solution, as well as an experienced and reliable customer service provider with extensive industry knowledge, especially in the startup ecosystem.


In less than 1 month, we supported the company with a multilingual team of outsourced e-commerce experts who knew how to solve customer issues in no time, 24/7.

Additionally, we extended the support to manage platform content posted by brands (moderation according to platform guidelines) and payment services.

We trained c. 100 outsourced agents to cover the company’s customer service, brand support, platform content moderation and payment services in French, German, Dutch, English, Swedish and Spanish with operations coming from Romania and Spain.


  • 90% CSAT on average for customer support
  • 95% CSAT on average for brand support
  • 90% CES on average for Brand Integration
  • 50% more tickets managed in Q2 vs Q1


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