Regulated, KYC and Payment Services

Make your business safe and simple

From e-commerce platforms to fintechs, our experts will help you ensure compliance with the latest regulations and protect your business and users, supported by the latest technological assets to improve your performance

KYC services

Don’t make any trade-offs between security and convenience with our KYC-as-a-service platform – Ensure a smooth onboarding of your customers and a perfect compliance with the latest regulations regulations

We help you design and operate streamlined Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, key to a successful activation process and a frictionless customer experience:

  • An end-to-end customer-centric outsourcing solution, based on best-in-class identification technologies, combining high-end tech platform with a mix of manual & automated checks
  • Tailor-made solutions which can be adapted to specific client management rules and 24/7 document processing
  • Simple API integration offering flexibility and scalability.
  • Live reports and dashboards providing actionable insights and monitoring capabilities.
KYC services


Know-your-customer. Identify the end user (individual) and validate his compliance with your acceptance rules


Know-your-business. Identify the business (corporate) and validate his compliance with your acceptance rule

Alert Management

Screening suspicious transactions. Identify fraudulent transactions based on alerts management and verification against fraud patterns


Customer stock compliance. When a stock of your customers needs to be remediated we build the appropriate campaigns to recover missing info.

  • ID, driving licences, proof of address, pay-slip, legal status, bank details…
  • Automatic data extraction and verification enhanced by manual intervention
  • Complex and simple files
  • High-end technology platform with a mix of manual & automated checks
  • Full process coverage, End-to-End service (collection, extraction, analysis, scoring, notification, probative archiving)
  • Fully customized outsourcing solution fitting clients’ needs using on-demand parameters
  • Personalized back office tool and dashboards
  • Capacity to manage global and multilingual projects
  • Realtime namecheck against sanction lists, Interpol, PEP
  • All processes and services compliant with AML, AFA, GDPR and eIDAS requirements
  • Compliance expert’s advice for project implementation
  • Best in classes OCR technologies
  • E-signatures
  • API connection to multiple external database
  • Video streaming capabilities

Payment Services

Payment is at the heart of customer experience

Leverage the best Credit, Payment management & Debt collection solutions to secure your growth and reduce risks

  • Order to cash’ value chain
  • Risk Management
  • Transaction Management
  • Debt Collection​
KYC Services outsourcing
Credit Management​
Online Payment Management​
Debt Collection​
Credit Management​

Credit Management​

Consolidate, develop and control the commercial relationship with your domestic and international B2B customers thanks to our end-to-end outsourced credit management services, from order to cash:

  • Credit risk management​
  • Means of payment and payment terms​
  • Multi-currency cash-in and reconciliation​
  • Debt collection management​
  • SDD mandate management​
Online Payment Management​

Online Payment Management​

Define and implement a B2B payment strategy aligned to your eCommerce, marketplace and B2B dropshipping needs:​

  • Seller Onboarding​
  • Invoicing and dunning​
  • Multi-currency payment and reconciliation​
  • Seller cash-out management​
  • Native integration of our specialist technology with main Marketplaces and eCommerce solutions
  • Full API solution integrating payment, invoicing, dunning and credit insurance​

Debt Collection​

Debt Collection Services

Adopt a positive debt recovery scheme, improving your financial security and retaining your clients, thanks to our tailor-made outsourced collection & debt recovery services​​

  • Duning digitalization
  • White Label debt collection​
  • Collection mandate​
  • Judicial debt recovery mandate
  • Continuous improvement processes combining data management and customers insights, to understand non-payment root causes and build lasting customer relationships​


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