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Welcome to The Nest by Concentrix’s FAQ page, where we aim to address your most pressing queries about our outsourcing services.

As a trusted outsourcing company of startups and scale-ups, we prioritize transparency and clarity in our communication. Below, you’ll find answers to common questions related to outsourcing, team constructions and availabilities, regions and more. Explore the information to gain insights into our capabilities and how we can assist your business. If you have additional questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’re here to support your outsourcing needs and help your business thrive.

  • Leveraging Concentrix + Webhelp’s global footprint, we can offer a 24/7 service coverage, 365 days per year, tailored to your needs.
  • In each The Nest location , your dedicated team members will always be supported by an experienced Team leader and Operational manager to ensure a perfect service level.
  • We’ll adjust to your exact needs! The Nest teams are present in 500 locations in over 70 countries where Concentrix + Webhelp is present.
  • In addition, home workers can also be added to your teams for highly flexible operations.
  • Together, we will select the most suitable location according to the languages required (>95% of all languages are supported), the services selected, or the time zones covered.
  • Of course! The objective is to accompany you with a dedicated team that will master your processes, products and corporate culture…just like any member of your own team!
  • For customer-facing services and sales, we can cover any communication channel you have with your customers (voice, mail, chat, social media etc.) and to monitor their requests and status in an omnichannel mode.
  • Thanks to a large range of solutions and services built in collaboration with our technology partners, we can also offer an extensive range of automation and AI services (virtual assistant, robotic process automation, speech analytics, voice bots, machine translation etc.) to empower our advisors and deliver the highest quality of customer experience.
  • We also provide services to support your business that are not directly related to customer service and sales channels. We’re able to handle content moderation, digital marketing and development support, payment and KYC services and more.
  • Depending on your needs (customer service, helpdesk, B2B or B2C sales support, payment & KYC services, content moderation etc.) the time between the signature of the contract and the “go live” of a project is usually between 4 and 7 weeks ( time required to recruit and train the team, choose and set up the best tools available).
  • Followed by a “nesting” period of about 2 to 3 weeks in which our advisors interact with your customers under the guidance of our trainers and your supervision.
  • We can adapt to your tech stack, to all your tools (CRM, back office, phone solution, ticketing etc.) and processes, facilitating a smooth implementation and easier training from both sides.
  • To help you create the best customer experience, your dedicated business consultant will help you design a 5-star customer journey framework, identifying the crucial touchpoints and sharing sectorial and ecosystem best practices.
  • They will also help you select the most relevant technology services for your needs, including via our network of technology partners, constantly evolving to provide you with the latest innovative solutions.
  • Not at all, our objective is to support you in your long-term development and to provide a flexible solution.
  • We can start collaborating with a small team that perfectly fits your current needs.
  • To fully benefit from our partnership and co-construct your customer service, we recommend you use our services once you already have set up an internal team of 2 to 3 customer service agents.
  • It obviously depends on the mission you entrust us with, whether it relates to developing your sales in a new country, ensuring the content management of your website, your customer service…
  • Unlike some of our competitors, we are CONVINCED we can offer you much more than cost savings. For that reason we generally don’t quantify the savings you could achieve as we believe the main focus of your customer experience strategy should be creating value with a great return on investment.
  • We are a people-first company and all our teams have extensive experience in customer relationship management. In addition to helping you focus on your core business, we provide you with increased productivity, easier access to highly skilled and quickly operational team members, enhanced processes and tools, a perfect knowledge of local markets, greater flexibility, etc.
  • Still, if you want to estimate the % of cost savings you can achieve, we can analyze this together based on your internal costs for recruitment, training, m2/employees etc.
  • Our advisors will work with the tools you are used to work with or, should you be looking for a solution more suited to your present and future needs, other technology services that we will help you select.
  • With the support of our ops teams, you will have a full access to precise KPIs (including but not limited to service quality, productivity, conformity rate, customer CSAT, NPS etc. depending on the ones monitored in the tools selected) in real-time but also through daily reports, weekly and monthly committees to close gaps with defined actions or decide key changes in production.
  • Our advisors are constantly trained and retrained in your processes to ensure perfect delivery and customer satisfaction.
  • After carefully analyzing your needs we will select the best candidates through a specific test to meet your criteria (soft skills, financial, cultural knowledge etc.).
  • Following an initial training period organized hand in hand with you (to align on processes, tone of voice etc. through workshops, video training, e-learning etc.), we conduct a 2-3 weeks “nesting period”.
  • During this crucial step to unlock learning potentials and align expectations to reality, our advisors will be supervised by both experienced team leaders and your own team (when possible).
  • All along with our collaboration, our advisors will be evaluated and retrained according to quality reports and processes evolutions.
  • Our people are our most valuable asset, so we designed a management structure as well as on-site infrastructures to foster its wellbeing and efficiency!
  • Certainly not! The relationship you have with your customers is key to continuously improve your products and services.
  • Capturing the Voice of your customer, we will define the required reporting processes for our advisors, the escalation procedures to specific members of your teams, the KPIs you need to follow to monitor customer satisfaction and gather their insights..

  • Of course, our Digital Technology Services teams combining frontend and backend developers, QA, Solution Architects, Project Managers, UX/UI designers etc. can help you improve your product and digital portals. For more information regarding our digital & technology services, please click here
  • We live by the vision of our mother company Concentrix + Webhelp:
  • to create game-changing customer journeys that help brands grow, across the world and into the future”,
  • acting responsibly,
  • strengthening our communities and business partners to make a positive difference and
  • building a sustainable future.
  • We are committed to conduct our business in an ethical, fair and enlightened way, either through sustainability initiatives or through our Diversity and Inclusion programs.
  • Our talents are key to success, that is why our People initiatives also include supporting the physical and mental well-being of all our advisors through our global WebHEALTH program, focused on sharing actions/choices and encouraging healthy lifestyles around nutrition, fitness, health, well-being and working environment.
  • We strive to provide them with top of the line technologies, but also to multiply training and talent management programs to develop our employees’ skills and careers.
  • Also, we aspire to become a leader of Impact Sourcing, facilitating recruitment, training and development of colleagues who would not have had access to employment otherwise or are from a disadvantaged background.
  • As one of our clients stated: « The long-term goal of Impact Sourcing is to change the mindset of traditional recruitment and bring to change to the broader society ».
  • To learn more about our CSR commitment and pillars: People, Planet, Progress as well as our Think Human Foundation, please click here 
  • Our teams make it unique!
  • We are a fun-loving community who thrive on making a difference on behalf of the world’s most exciting brands.
  • Our business is all about creating lasting impressions for you and your customers. Each of our advisors and CX specialists brings a specific set of skills and talents, a different energy and passion, and this strand of our DNA sets us apart.
  • We leverage more than 20 years of expertise from our parent company Concentrix + Webhelp in all areas of customer experience.
  • Our proven tools and processes, management and performance monitoring methods have already convinced hundreds of customers and are available to startups through The Nest with a model perfectly customized to their needs.
  • We can support your teams throughout the entire customer journey (not only level-1 customer support!), from client acquisition to retention and eventually to payment collection.
  • Our global footprint enables you to benefit from a 24/7 coverage, from expert teams with a perfect mastery of your clients’ language and cultural sensitivity, as well as from their proximity with your own teams (according to the services selected).
  • We have a perfect knowledge of startups’ challenges and needs to scale rapidly while guaranteeing a perfect customer experience. For instance, some of our clients started working with us in their early years with less than 5 advisors and now collaborate with several hundred!

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