Episode 3:

The Art of Customer Retention: Lessons from Komoot's Success Journey

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In this episode of CX Coffee Chat, Tim Kirchner interviews Nouran Smogluk, Director of User and Partner Success at Komoot, a navigation and route planning app.

They discuss topics such as user retention, brand loyalty, innovation, and the future of customer support. Nouran shares insights on how Komoot focuses on creating an amazing product to keep users engaged and coming back. They also discuss the integration of AI in customer support and the importance of culture and vision in building a successful team.

Overall, the conversation highlights the challenges and strategies involved in managing customer support in a growing tech company.

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  • Komoot focuses on user retention and brand loyalty through their product-driven approach.
  • AI can provide quick and high-quality responses to customer queries, improving the support experience.
  • Culture and a clear vision are essential in managing and building a successful support team.
  • Support teams need to prioritize and focus on top priorities to maintain efficiency.
  • The role of customer support is evolving and becoming more demanding, requiring deeper technical knowledge and the ability to handle complex cases.
  • Balancing feedback loops and incentives play a crucial role in maintaining team motivation and productivity.
  • Founder-led companies can have a strong sense of culture and direction, but scaling can present challenges in maintaining the founder’s vision across all levels of management.


Noura Smogluk cx podcast
  • 00:00 Introduction and Background of Komoot
  • 03:13 Focusing on User Retention and Brand Loyalty
  • 09:44 The Role of AI in Customer Support
  • 14:26 The Importance of Culture and Vision
  • 19:01 The Evolving Role of Customer Support
  • 21:02 Balancing Feedback Loops and Incentives
  • 21:56 Challenges of Scaling in a Founder-Led Company

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