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protect online content

Brands are digitalizing more and more, fostered by the evolution of all types of ICTs as well as the current COVID19 crisis. When doing so, they produce and rely on a multitude of digital content. Figuring out the best way to handle and leverage digital content to offer users and customers the smoothest online experiences has become a top priority for early stage companies who are looking to protect and promote their brand image online whilst facing fierce completion in the market.

Content is at the heart of the relationship between users and social brands

protect online content

The Nest by Webhelp, a BPO provider can either safeguard online communities by moderating user-generated content, offer an experience that is as close to and as accurate as going to a physical shop to make purchases by managing product information or making sure they respect the platform’s guidelines.
To further enhance the search experience (among an infinity of other applications), annotating, labelling, cropping all sorts of data and develop AI-driven technological solutions also plays a big role.
As merchants are mostly digital now, and social media are free to use thanks to a strong presence of ads on their platforms they need to be well-targeted to be effective: this is done through strategic marketing and Digital Activation.

We enable digital brands to publish, check and optimize their content to ensure the best reach and maximized revenues

We deal with any kind of digital contents you might find on your platform. Those interlinked services allow us to be omniscient and constantly improve your online users’ experience.

protect online content


Content Moderation deals with content that platforms do not own (earned) and that needs to be verified, protecting online communities, and allowing clients to comply with local legislations: things can rapidly get out of hand, even at early stages of growth if those parameters aren’t kept in mind.

The most popular online short videos platform has been trusting us to safeguard their online community and we multiplied our teams dedicated to them by more than 100 in less than 2 years.


Content management takes care of the content platforms own and that need to be found at the right place at the right moment by their users, for instance for eCommerce, marketplaces, or other editorial platforms. We allow early-stage digital platforms to provide seamless experiences to their users.

One of our clients who we feel lucky to work with is the 3rd largest online marketplace in France. They aim to provide the best online experience to their users which has led to a strong, long-lasting partnership as they can make the most of our content management solutions.


Digital Activation is the strategic planning and management of online advertisement campaigns, looking to show the right ad to the right internet user (paid content), optimizing every inch of the content produced to promote a companies online in an efficient manner.

We also partner with some of the leading global data & marketing agencies to increase our ability to deliver best-in-class digital strategies for a wide range of clients.


Data Annotation trains artificial intelligences through machine learning, by cropping, categorizing, and labelling large amounts of datasets comprising all types of content: images, videos, audios, texts…

We partner with a social listening tool that allows us to offer the best service to our customers, we have been labelling content for them to optimize their AI-driven solutions and better capture market insights for years.

We are conscious that accuracy and rapidity of setting up are crucial, but this must be done while keeping in mind our collaborators’ wellbeing. Our goal is to ensure every manager, moderator, annotator and consultant feels valued and positive while working: we have been undertaking more than 85 initiatives in 2021, which add to all the others that took place prior to this year.

The mental health of our colleagues is so important to us that we have decided to approach this matter in a scientific way: we have implemented Wellness scores to our projects to ensure that they are feeling well and healthy. This AI-driven tool helps us prevent and correct any negative impact our collaborators might come up against to ensure they are in a positive working environment.

We are convinced it is part of the main differentiators of partnering with a Human Tech company, other relevant ones also are:

  • Best Technology Mix: We are always looking for the best technology and people mix and benefits from solutions for any need.
  • Scalability: We have a proven track record in Digital Content Services for well-established players and challengers.
  • Security: We are ISO-certificated for both our physical security policy of our offices & our information systems.
  • Adaptability: Our Workforce Management capabilities can easily allocate new tasks or new teammates.

If you are willing to know more about how our Digital Content Services can help set you apart from your competitors by providing the best online environment to your community, your users, your sellers or any other individual or corporation that might come across your growth journey, come, and reach out to us!


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