Smart IVRs, Voicebots and Callbots: Fancy gadgets for big brands only?

Why smart IVRs, Voicebots and Callbots aren’t fancy gadgets reserved for big brands? They are what will make the difference

Staff flexibility potentiometer is already at its maximum, you need to change the game.

You have already spent days in meetings, workshops, brainstormings…let’s face it: joining the dots between a brand’s value proposition and the contact centre’s SLA is a very challenging exercice for any company.

Intraday and intraweek call profiles are more than just challenging, your budget is not limitless and you are already stretching your staff too thin: requiring even more flexibility from them could have consequences – your most skilled profiles might decide that life is better elsewhere, and you will have to replace them by newcomers -…a lose-lose situation.

Deliver the extra mile that will make you better than your competitors

What we see in the market is clear: deciding not to move forward with voice automation technologies can causes you to lose 1-2 efficiency points, 2-3% percentage points of SLA, 20-30 seconds of average handle time, and about 20% of calls that could never reach your contact center and divert you from handling sensitive ones…resulting in many missed opportunities and a lower NPS than it should be.

As always, start simple, but consider a journey more than just “a project”

It can be difficult to know where to start: with a voicebot to implement a full speech-enabled self-service scenario (order tracking, debt collection, flight status…), or with a smart IVR at the front end of the voice journey, allowing you to detect customer intents and route demands to the best solution ?

While implementing an smart IVR is more visible from the customer’s side and could be seen as riskier, it also enables you to deliver more value: you will remove touch tone choices, let you client stating their questions using their own words (hence, removing the visibility of your brand complexity) enabling you to deliver more value to your brand and the customer. It comes with a full set of features, unlocking many scenarios:

  • Callbacks
  • Customer intent recognition to route them to the team or application
  • Call diverting toward self-service application (voice enabled, web-based, mobile application… the idea here is to reuse previous investments as much as possible)
  • Customer questions’ and categorization prompted to the advisors, shortening AHT
  • Real-Time, detailed call reason monitoring, unlocking smart decision making and future self-service applications.
  • Customer IDV

A smart IVR implementation usually last between 2 and 6 months depending on the number of languages to support, the number of call categories and the volume to be managed: more categories will tend to increase the complexity of the machine learning part, while more volume will facilitate the data collection part, critical for a proper machine learning approach.

Select the voicebots scenarios that works

Voicebots that offer end-to-end journeys are very effective to deliver full automation and relieve your contact centre from low value-added requests.
The scenarios that works best are highly transactional ones where the customer needs to access a given piece of information.

  • Product availability
  • Order tracking
  • Flight status
  • Payment confirmation
  • Payment status
  • Invoice status…

Throughout our various implementations, we have been able to achieve a 90% success rate in speech-enabled self-service scenarios, removing these types of calls from the flows directed towards contact centers..

Implementing a voicebot typically takes a few months but is highly dependent on the availability of APIs in your existing IT eco-system to access the relevant information, database or FAQ.

Do not stop in the middle of the voicebot journey: smart IVR and voicebots go hand in hand

When you start your voice automation strategy by the voicebot journey, you will quickly discover a challenge: how to drive your customers through the many scenarios you’ve implemented to make sure they are using them anytime and don’t get lost in your IVR: this is the perfect moment to implement a smart IVR to reach the next level.


Telecats is Webhelp’s division specialized in providing Speech Enabled products to contact centers and brands.
Headquartered in The Netherlands, Telecats helps brands unleash the power of voice with their customers. Smart IVR, Voice Bots, Call Transcriptions enabling speech analytics are our core products that enable many brands across Europe to reshape their customer experience.

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