The Nest in The UK – Spotlight on Nora Beqaj supporting UK startups

Nora joined the outsourcing company, The Nest’s team this year to support UK fast-growing companies as our new Business Director!

Nora Beqaj The Nest Business Director UK

I am from Toronto, Canada and moved to London about 5 years ago! I knew I wanted to live abroad and be exposed to new opportunities but I never imagined how much I would love this city. I’ve spent the last four years working for a high growth start up disrupting the B2B catering industry.
When I started, we were a small team that grew quickly, had funding round after funding round, and eventually were acquired by Just Eat.
I am very familiar with how exhilarating, challenging and fun the early stages of a start up can be! It was incredible being involved in a true start up journey but I have to say, I loved talking about food everyday!
I am food obsessed. I love to cook and can’t wait to be able to eat out at restaurants again.

As a former startup member, what is for you the biggest challenge for startups in terms of customer experience?

At a start-up, you’re always thinking about the minimum viable product to get to market quickly and efficiently. However, your customer experience can’t be at a basic level as it’s what truly makes you stand out against competitors. The biggest challenge for start-ups is finding CX expertise and imbedding it into their business ahead of their next big growth opportunity. They need to be prepared for their next stage with a solid CX strategy that brings their early customers along the journey and opens them up to a wider market.

The BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry has not always a very “sexy” image: why did you want to join The Nest team?

The Nest is all about equipping high growth start ups with the right people and the right tools to be successful! Who wouldn’t want to be apart of a global team with a mission to provide young companies with the expertise they need at a critical part of their journey?!

When companies use outsourcing service providers for their customer support, they often fear that it will negatively impact their customer experience, how would you respond to that concern? What would you suggest to ensure that they maintain a customer-centric culture?

Now this, I totally understand.
Outsourcing your customer support can be scary. Companies might initially think they will have less control which will ultimately lead to a negative customer experience. The thing is, it’s the exact opposite.
First off, we get to know you, your business and your customer. We are a people first business and we bring that ethos into our work everyday. We learn your values and set up the right team to represent your business. The Nest not only champion the voice of your customer but we support your needs as a business.
As well, The Nest equips our customers with the right tools to measure performance, understand their analytics and insights in ways that will set them apart from the competition.

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