The Nest by Webhelp at Bits & Pretzels:
Your Gateaway to Scaling Success

Join us at Bits & Pretzels in Munich from September 24th to the 26th of 2023!

Are you ready to boost your startup’s success? Then seize the opportunity to engage with The Nest by Webhelp at the esteemed Bits&Pretzels conference in Munich, happening from September 24th to 26th.  

Bits&Pretzels isn’t just any conference, it’s a dynamic platform where visionary entrepreneurs, industry leaders and innovative minds converge to share insights, build networks and fuel business growth.  

  • Network with potential investors, partners and customers.
  • Explore pioneering solutions and trends poised to reshape your startup journey
  • And guess what? You can also see what The Nest by Webhelp has to offer this year!
Bits & Pretzels The Nest by Webhelp

Boost your startup with The Nest by Webhelp!

Does your startup struggle to grow while keeping customers happy?  

No worries, The Nest by Webhelp is here to support. Our 24/7, adaptable and multilingual outsourcing powerhouse stands ready to supercharge your customer support, sales, content and compliance teams.  

customer service outsourcing

Omnichannel Customer Service

Create long-term, sustainable, and valuable relationships with your customers, thanks to an unforgettable brand experience

Data annotation outsourcing

Platform Management & Digital Content Services

Transport the digital experience of your customers, boosting their engagement and your sales

Sales outsourcing

B2B & B2C Sales Support

Scale faster, grow your revenues and improve your B2B or B2C sales effectiveness

Regulated, KYC & Payment Services

Make your business safe and simple

Meet our experts: Tim Kirchner, Daniel Siekman and Dani Guardans Bonet

Come visit us at Bits & Pretzels and share insights with our experts, Tim Kirchner (Global Business Director Scaleups), Daniel Siekmann (Deputy CEO Webhelp DACH) and Dani Guardans Bonet (Head of Growth). They know a lot and have done a lot, and they want to enable your startup to succeed.  

Get your spot now via the Bits & Pretzels app. Schedule a meeting to delve into how The Nest by Webhelp can transform your startup’s trajectory.

Unlock the Power of Customer Satisfaction: Download Your Free Checklist!

Achieving startup growth while keeping your customers satisfied can be a challenge. We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive guide designed for startups like yours.  

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