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Omnichannel Customer Service

Create long-term, sustainable, and valuable relationships with your customers, thanks to an unforgettable brand experience

  • Customer Care
  • Community Management
  • Technical Support
  • Helpdesk & IT Services...
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B2B & B2C Sales Support

Scale faster, grow your revenues and improve your B2B or B2C sales effectiveness

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Sales Assistance
  • Upselling / Cross-selling
  • Customer Retention...
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Platform Management & Digital Content Services

Transport the digital experience of your customers, boosting their engagement and your sales with our expert outsourced teams

  • Content Management
  • Moderation Services
  • Data Annotation
  • Digital activation...
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Regulated, KYC & Payment Services

Outsourcing services to make your business safe and simple

  • KYC services
  • Credit Management
  • Payment Management
  • Collection Services...
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"So, we chose The Nest by Concentrix in Barcelona and the reason for that was we particularly like the management team. We felt they were a much better fit culturally to our own company culture as a startup. They were much more reactive, but they were also a lot more proactive than some of the other management teams we met."

Leslie Dickinson

Head of Customer Service at Ankorstore

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"The shared success of The Nest by Concentrix and Maza is attributed to the friendship that we built and the flexibility that The Nest has had with our growth."

Laura Morales

Member Experience Manager

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"Carizy’s strong growth required being supported by a strong player benefiting from the know-how and human resources to deliver an exceptional customer experience. This is what we obtained by partening with The Nest by Concentrix."

Yann Abrassart

Operations Director at

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"In a month and a half, we have successfully launched our activities. The Nest by Concentrix helped us to pick the right tools, introduced us to the right spokespeople, and was on site for the kick-off day, helping us set everything up for the last tests before the launch of our services on the market."

Julien Allegret

Head of Customer Care at Moni

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"By partnering with The Nest by Concentrix we were able to build our team faster and to develop our B2C and B2B expertise in a very smooth way. They’ve been helping us improve our sales performance, gain flexibility, control our cost structure and launch new products and new geographies very easily."

Charles Egly

CEO & Co-Founder of Younited Credit

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"There was another key factor to our choice to partner with The Nest which was its digital maturity, especially in regarding the tools used for our operations, as it is crucial for the startup/scale-up environment where Swile evolves in."

Pauline Coeur

Care outsourcing Manager at Swile

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"Something else that was very pleasant and that we appreciated when collaborating with The Nest was their management team’s reactivity"

Victor Jolly

Chief Operations Officer at Lydia

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"We needed a lot to improve and we have been working with The Nest by Concentrix to improve our customer support and user experience."

Aurelien Beaumont

CMO at Zenpark

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Beyond product innovations or business models, the experience offered at each step of your customer's journey is crucial for your success: you need to capture the diversity of their needs and understand what they value the most.

To support all your product developments, launch new activities, face any peak period or change in the market, you can rely on a flexible, agile and highly specialized outsourcing partner to outsource your customer support, helpdesk, B2B sales, content moderation and much more.

To take up the challenge of internationalization, our bestshore approach offers you a wide time coverage and a large variety of languages to communicate with your customers and respect their cultural sensitivity.

The expertise of our teams enables you to achieve rapid growth while improving your ROI and being prepared to face any uncertain time or crisis.

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