How can The Nest by Webhelp support you in complying with the new digital regulation?

How can startups in Europe comply with the digital service act?

In recent years, regulators in Europe have set their sight on digital businesses operating in the online world, to ensure that the provision of digital services would be governed by rules closely following those of the physical world.

As such, the regulatory framework has evolved to regulate large technology companies and secure the rights of online users, but it may also have a broader impact on numerous startups operating in Europe.

What is the Digital Service Act?

The European Parliament and EU Member States have recently reached a political agreement on the Digital Services Act (DSA) which increases the liability of intermediaries for contents published on their platform, and strengthens the protection of online users. It prevents the spread of misinformation or violent content via such platforms. 

Additionally, this regulation entails that any illegal content like hate speech, child pornography and terrorist videos can be taken down immediately with the help of users who should now be able to directly notify the platform via an easy and user-friendly notification system.

What does this entail for startups and how to comply with the Digital Service Act?

This report will detail the potential impact of the DSA and how The Nest by Webhelp, an outsourcing company, can support startups in complying with it’s various obligations.

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